steve's 15 seconds of fame

We went to the Tribe Game last night with Bogie, Max and his two friends Ryan and Jack. It was beach night, so we broke out our hawaiian gear from Hilo Hatties Maui. The 13 year old boys thought we were pretty embarassing for dressing in beach gear. The boys sat in my dad's season ticket seats right behind home plate. Steve and I took the seats in center field. It paid off big time...

The Twins Third Baseman Buscher hit a three run homer straight to Steve in the first inning. Steve kept the ball even though the Tribe Fans booed us for not throwing it back. After the shock wore off, we walked over to where the boys were sitting. They of course did not believe us until we got home and saw the highlights on SportsCenter.

Check out the video and the funny commentator from Minnesota. It was quite a moment for Steve.


new stuff

hello weekend. glad you are here

i posted my first entry on the Work In Progress Blog today. go check out the great ideas shared by the design team.

this new paper from Rusty Pickle looks so cool. reminds me of 7th grade.

gotta go. emmitt's trying to get junk food out 15 minutes after he didn't eat his dinner.


so fun

it rained today. which was actually a very good thing. steve took the boys to see Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D. i got to scrap! in the daylight hours! to top of my fantastic day, my mother brought over dinner so i didn't have to cook and we scrapped until midnight!

i've been playing with my August Work In Progress Kit. it's my first month as an "official" design team member. it's like heaven. trish puts together amazing beautiful kits.

here's the main kits:

the project kit:

and the add on kit:

i got a mixture of them all. can't wait to share what i've made. my first blog post for WIP is wednesday. i've got to come up with a brilliant design or tutorial. yikes!



I'm finally editing all the photos I've taken over the past few weeks. Party after party. That's what summer is all about. Here's the hightlights of Coop's Pirate Party he had for his 6th birthday. The boys spent the day on the waterslide and trampoline. Their favorite part of the day was Steve's obstacle course and pirate sword battle.

I have to work this weekend. I've had lots of time off lately so no complaints. It just limits my late night scrap time. :)


life is good

because I am now on one of the COOLEST design teams for one of the BEST kit companies ever.

the new Work In Progress design team members:

Tina Zarlenga

Janelle Richmond

Laina Lamb

Emily Anderson

Jana Eubank

Francine Clouden

Amy Coose

Colleen Vasconcellos

I've had this secret going for a little while and it is SO cool to finally be able to share. Thanks Trish! You are the best and I really look forward to creating for you each and every month.



I'm off work June 30-July 7...but really sure it's a vacation! I have been so incredibly busy catching up on "things." Paying bills, taking care of medical forms and appointments. Our 2 year old BRAND spankin new frig conked out and I'm have a war with LG to repair it. Come on. Appliances shoud last 15 years, not 2! Max's 13th birthday is Tuesday and Steve's 40th is on Wednesday. Two huge parties here plus the July 4th holiday. Complete crazy fun!
Here's my work from the PaperJamStudio July Kit. Sadly this will be my last month on the Design Team. I have agreed to join another team and doing more would be way too much for this working girl...