i'm totally clear on this

Kathy Marie from PaperJamStudio sent me this ClearScraps Tag Album to play with. Can you tell I had fun with this one?


not much is getting done

my basement (ie scrap room) is kinda cold and i haven't had much inspiration to scrap. why scrap when you can watch Christmas Shows instead?

remember when you were a kid and you watched all the rankin bass Christmas specials? i am still in love with the colors and graphics.
remember how bummed you were if you missed them because you had to go to CCD or Christmas shopping with your mom?
my kids have no idea how lucky they are to have DVR.
we've been watching all the good ones - they love Santa Claus. Bergermeister Meisterberger.
my all time favorite - A Year without a Santa Claus. Eat papa eat, nobody likes a skinny Santa.
What's your favorite?