CHA Summer Sneaks have begun!

Love this time of year...new scrapbook product debuts from all my favorite manufacturers! Jill and I have been hard at work the past few months preparing all of the new collections. I think you will love what we have come up with!
Jill posted the new Soup Staples II on Tuesday! The original Soup Staples collection was a hit and many have asked for a new set to compliment the first. This new line contains 10 colors of chevron with mini dots on the reverse. I think these are a must have for anyone's paper stash!

The Alphabeans from Winter CHA were so popular that Jill decided to add 5 new colors to the mix! Denim Alphabeans? What's not to love?!?! You can see all the new colors here!

Head on over to the Jillibean blog to enter a chance to win these great products before they are in stores! More Sneak Peeks later this week!

Jillibean Pages

Time to get caught back up sharing some of my Jillibean Projects! I believe these should count as girl pages for once!
she said YES!
My son Max had the nicest and prettiest girlfriend last year. She is in the dance squad for our High School marching band, Max is the starting center. Cute or what? He wanted to ask her to homecoming in a unique way. We made a sign and hung it from the bleachers before a home game. As the band marched in to take their seats, they marched right by the sign. It was priceless to see her face and the rest of bands snickers as they read the sign. Max got a lot of ribbing on the sidelines from his teammates during that game. A local reporter was at the game and put a picture of the sign and a short story in the local paper. The girls at school loved him while they guys were ready to punch him lol!
dance date
Photos of the happy little couple before the Homecoming Dance. I loved that Megan looked extremely pretty and wore a dress appropriate for her age. You would not believe what some of the girls where to these events! Sadly, Max broke up with her before Christmas. He needs a lot of guy time, plays many sports and is extremely involved as a leader at his school. It caused conflicts for them and he simply did not have enough time to manage a steady girlfriend. Fingers crossed that when he does, he picks another just like her. 


Bella Buzz


I'm a little late to the Bella Blvd. party because of my trip. Last week was the premiere of the new Bella Buzz. I had the honor of having one of my layout featured in this issue. Thanks to Laura and Stephanie for including me! Head on over here to download or view the PDF!


Back from Vacation!

Our family spent the past week cruising the Caribbean on the Oasis of the Seas. This was the fourth cruise I have been on and hands down the best ship out there.

There were 12 of us there celebrating my Dad's 70th birthday. It was my father's wish to celebrate his big birthday with all of his kids and grandchildren. Even though his birthday was in March, we was willing to wait until school let out so that everyone would be able to go. My father is an extremely generous man and paid for the entire trip. (Except our bar tabs!) Everyone in our group had a great time. The food was fantastic, entertainment nonstop and more activities than could be done in a week. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone traveling with different age groups. Something for everyone.

My teenager Max had the most fun of anyone in our group, possibly more than anyone on the boat this week. There was a teen group for 15-17 year olds that had it's own disco and hangout. He was busy from the moment he left our cabin until his curfew at 1am.

Our little guys had fun at the pool, got to watch Madagascar 3 and stay up late every single night. They also ate a lot of the free pizza at the 24 hour pizzaria.

My husband loved playing black jack at the Casino and the many, many music options offered each night. there were so many different clubs and bars, we ran out of nights to hit them all.

My favorite part??? Sitting in this hot tub, looking out at the ocean with a frozen Mojito. No phone, no computers. Just time to sit and relax. Can't wait to go back.

I took over 400 photos so be prepared to see some pages and minis all about the trip in the next couple of months!


CK Winner!

I'm busy packing for our trip...but wanted to announce the winner of the Creating Keepsakes July/august winner before I left!

The winner is: #7 

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Blogger Kimberly said...
thanks for the opportunity to win ;)
Kimberly - email me so I can get your address and send your issue out ASAP!
Thanks to all who stopped by! Be back next with some Sneak Peeks of the new Jillibean Soup collections!


Summer is Here! CK Giveaway!

Summer is in full swing here at the Lamb's. My boys attended baseball camp this morning and were at the pool all afternoon with their big brother. I was a bit jealous and wished I could have take the afternoon off to lie out in the sun relaxing. Hoping that wish come true before the end of the week.

My favorite way to relax in the summer is to catch some rays (not too much!), drink Arnold Palmer's and flip through my favorite magazine. I got my July/August 2012 Creating Keepsakes in the mail a few days ago and have been saving it to read by the pool this week. Ok - I admit, I did take a quick peek or two...

Our family is making the Summer of 2012 HUGE with many family reunions, road trips and a big vacation to the Carribbean. I am going to have tons and tons of photos to scrap. This issue will come in handy for those many summer events and trips. CK has included journaling ideas, scrapbook pages, mini album ideas and more.

You can purchase a copy of your own right here to get an early start on your summer projects! Do you love Sketches, printables and tutorials? Be sure to check out all of the online extras for this issue as well!

Want to win your own copy???
Leave me a comment and let me know what you are looking forward to documenting the most this summer!
Deadline is this Thursday June 14 at midnight.
I'll pick the winner on Friday morning, before I head out to the pool!

Want more chances to win?
Be sure to stop by my CK friend's blogs for additional giveaways!

Susan Mintmire (PaperCrafters Corner) -  Always my first read of the day over coffee!

Kim Watson - Amazing pages and fantastic ideas!

Autumn Baldwin - Inspiring  - she makes me wish I could sew!


this is the most boring blog in the world...

because it's the normal "end of the school year three kids in sports and I am still working on 2 collections for CHA summer madness!" I can honestly say I have never been as busy as I am this month. I stopped looking ahead at my calender because it was only giving me anxiety attacks. We are now only planning 24 hours in advance and proceeding in that fashion. Life is good. I am lucky to have such amazing, diversely talented children and a job that I am so passionate about. May and June just seem to literally kick my a**. :) Be back as soon as I come back up for air....

PS Cooper is begging me for a pet snake.. Ick! Anyone have experience with pet snakes? Should I cave?