go away snow

i am WAY over winter. spring can't come fast enough in cleveland, ohio. we are getting another 4 inches today. my kids love it. they are busy making plans for snow forts and sledding and all I can do is think about flip flops and capris.
here's a few layouts i made for work using the new MM Garden Party. if you have ever noticed that my "style" changes a lot - here is the answer...when i do samples for my store, i tend to use the "simple/graphic" clean style. it is a lot easier for people to scraplift and envision for their own pages. my pages for work need to inspire, not overwhelm other scrappers. when you see my work that is more "freestyle/funky", those pages are made just for me. those are the ones that I let loose on and have fun. i make them because they make me happy and i hope my family someday as well too. just an explanation of why i seem like i'm all over the place some days. plus it's kinda fun being able to be a different type of scrapper. sometimes you're in the mood for different stuff and sometimes photos lend themselves to different styles as well. -L


another one done

let me explain a little about my oldest child Max. he has recently decided that he will become a doctor when he's grown up. professional baseball took a backseat when he realized how many people actually want to play as well. becoming a doctor will allow him to travel wherever he wants to see the world and most importantly EAT. i don't know if anyone else who reads this lives with a 12 year old boy but let me tell you, they eat. a lot. he seems to have a endless appetite. thanks in part to his grandparents who take him to restaurants and on vacations that i can't afford, he has now acquired a taste for the finer foods in life. if he has a choice, he will pick Thai over wings. his idea of a good chain restaurant is Cheesecake Factory. his social studies class is studying the middle east and he is preparing a syrian dish for his classmates to eat at school on friday.
someday, some lucky girl is going to catch this son of mine. boy I hope she realizes what a great package this kid is. Loves to travel, wants to try new foods, plans for a career in medicine, is very handsome and an awesome athelete. momma is bringing him up right.


back in the game

i live in cleveland. it is very cold. very. i haven't left the house in 24 hours and don't plan on leaving for another 24. it was below 10 degress on Monday. the kids got the day off school. wo-hoo! everyone was happy except emmitt. he goes to preschool and doesn't like to miss a day with his buddy wogan (logan - he still can't say his L's).
i've been reading with the kids, playing games, reorganizing my stickers (hello clip-it-up!), and getting caught up on my This is Me Journal. i'm totally caught up on my scrapbooking and ran out of pictures this past weekend. (obnoxious. i know.) tomorrow i'm gonna play with my camera and see what i can get.
i'll actually have to go outside thursday. they expect me to show up for work sometime.


i'm the lucky one

everyone should have a friend like Shelly. she gets me. she loves the same stuff I do. she understands how busy my life is and still stays in the picture. she is extremely talented and just plain cool. and she even made me get a little teary tonight.


another fine friday

sometimes unexpected things can happen that really make you smile. make you feel pretty good about yourself and your expensive little hobby. things like getting an email from Creating Keepsakes asking to publish your work in their June issue. things like getting a phone call from Scrapbooks, Etc. the very next day asking to publish your work in their July issue.

simply amazing.

make me smile.

a lot. :)