i thought getting a pub in CK would be a one time thing, a stroke of pure luck. apparently not...
CK asked for one of my layouts for the September issue. shock and joy are the only 2 words I can use to describe how i feel. i'm kinda spazzing and Steve is looking at me like i'm nuts.

here are 2 of my recent layouts for TheScrappinSpot using their new May Kit. it features Fancy Pants paper and overlays.

Gotta go to bed. Karate at 9, Soccer at 10:30 and Baseball at 2. No work. Just having fun watching my boys.


new kits are up at PaperJam!

A Royal Event
Sweet and Sassy
Kathy Marie has put some fun new kits together for April! Go on over to PaperJam to see all the new goodies that have just arrived.
Spring has arrived in Ohio. Lots of cleaning. Putting away the winter clothes. Seeing what still fits the kids from last summer. Makes you realize how much your kids grow in just a few short months...makes me feel like having another one. oh the dilemma...


another mini

if you hadn't noticed...i'm a little addicted to making mini albums these days. such a fun way to try new things.
life is crazy as always. work, take of kids, clean house. i actually got to scrap with shelly for a few hours on saturday. i made cards for work, she made awesome layouts for SweetSpuds cause she's on the design team.
max is in full spring training for travel baseball. he's going to the be the starting catcher this year and cannot wait for the season to begin. coop is continuing his karate lessons. (promise to pose a pic of him in his darling outfit) he is taking it very serious and has gotten a few tips towards his yellow belt. he is also playing soccer this spring. we will see how it goes. last time i enrolled him on a soccer team it didn't go so well. he was three and was not real crazy about the pushing and kicking. he gave us the "you gotta be joking" look. emmitt has been gargling with green listerene hoping that it turns him into the green goblin. when he's not occupied with potions, he is riding his bike and eating mini marshmallows. he has also made me watch alvin and the chipmunks 20 times this week which has turned my brain completely into mush.
steve is looking at new cars like it is his full time job. i could care less as long as it gets me there and has satellite radio!


i got this new cricut cartridge today. i've been hoarding a rewards card from Cord for months and finally found something to use it on. w0-hoo. can't wait to use it.
i've been so busy it makes my head spin. i haven't had time to scrap in 2 weeks and i'm getting kinda cranky about it. baseball/track season has started for max. coop is playing soccer. emmitt just wants to ride his bike and make black potion (water w/ food coloring) that turns him into Venom.
anyone want to clean my house Saturday so I can scrap?