i'm sick. i never get sick. hardly ever. and now i got the worst cold i think i've had in 10 years. the kind where your nose hurts so bad you don't want to blow anymore. i keep thinking...one more day. just one more day and it will be gone.

i've been scrapping like crazy. just simple little pages for my books, not for sharing or posting. pages for my kids school and sports albums. the ones with the bad lighting and blurry pics. the ones that capture their everyday lives.

in the meantime here are 2 layouts from awhile ago i don't think i ever posted.

i goota go to bed. i was even too tired tonight to watch the finale of Project Runway. thank god for dvr.


kickin my butt

ok. i can admit when i'm wrong. i do like brown. i thought i didn't. but after working with Trish's fantastic October WorkInProgress kit, I have found that I do indeed like brown and College Press papers.

here is what i made:



Make that 2 layouts for CK Feb 09 and 1 for Scrapbooks Etc!