keeping busy

My first project for the Scrapping Spot!
Their April kit features Dream street Papers.

I got to go to the Scrapbook Expo in Columbus Friday to help host the Crop and work at the Easton sotre on Saturday. Very fun. Ran into Susie who owns ScrapHappy. She had the best booth at the show by far. ScrapHappy will be at the Novi MegaMeet as well. Be sure to check her store out if you are ever in the Clyde or New Reigel area.


my pet Frank

when we decided to adopt a puppy last june, i was petty nervous. i was 38 years old and had never actually had a dog before!

i am happy to report that after 10 months of living together...i wouldn't trade him for anything. sure, he has gas. and he ate my blue slippers yeaterday. (he'll chew anything. serious.) he spends the first 10 minutes of every morning licking my face. he steals the kids toys and makes them scream. but he also loves all of us so much. he knows my husband steve is in charge but somehow he knows i'm the momma and chooses to snuggle with me whenever I sit on the couch. i never knew i could love a dog like this.

(this is my new page for the this is me challenge - hope you like it!) Laina


now he is four

my little guy turned four today. he has changed so much this past year. turning from toddler to preschooler.

things i want to remember about emmitt:
~tells everyone his name is Bruce Wayne
~loves chocolate milk and diet coke
~carries around fake money, coins and jewels
~hides beanie baby dogs in my kitchen cabinets
~can't say the "L" sound so he "woves" me
~loves to gargle w/ mint Listerine!
~sneaks in my bed every morning around 5am
~hates the top button on his jeans
~watches the Backyardigans way too much
~talks in a deep voice when he's playing bad guys
~says "YOU understand?!" when i'm not listening
~can sing to Toytaker song from Rudolph
~will sit in the bath for over an hour
~loves to do monkeys on the bed every night

i wish i could freeze time and keep him this way a little longer.