i'm totally clear on this

Kathy Marie from PaperJamStudio sent me this ClearScraps Tag Album to play with. Can you tell I had fun with this one?


not much is getting done

my basement (ie scrap room) is kinda cold and i haven't had much inspiration to scrap. why scrap when you can watch Christmas Shows instead?

remember when you were a kid and you watched all the rankin bass Christmas specials? i am still in love with the colors and graphics.
remember how bummed you were if you missed them because you had to go to CCD or Christmas shopping with your mom?
my kids have no idea how lucky they are to have DVR.
we've been watching all the good ones - they love Santa Claus. Bergermeister Meisterberger.
my all time favorite - A Year without a Santa Claus. Eat papa eat, nobody likes a skinny Santa.
What's your favorite?


Steve if you are reading this...

I know I'm kinda weird but this is really what I want for Christmas. A commercial grade electric pencil sharpener and a extended reach office stapler. I don't need diamonds, just office supplies.


your wife


War and Peace

Six months after the puppy's arrival we have arrived at a temporary Peace Treaty. I found Bud and Frank snoozing together for the first time yesterday. This is a huge step since they are usually playing Celebrity Death Match on my kitchen floor.



Coop started celebrating Halloween on Labor Day this year. He loves it more than Christmas. Every weekend in October has been some sort of Halloween/Fall event for the Lamb Family. Clam Bakes, Halloween Fair, Boo Parade, Apple Picking, Fall Festival at both Dean's and Pettiti's Greenhouse...you name it, we did it. The pics are from the Halloween Fair at Carlisle Township Metropark. Happy Halloween! -Laina


New Kit

I got a fun new kit to play with courtesy of my friend Kathy Marie at Paper Jam Studios.
Oogie Boogie is filled with Making Memories and Junkitz Halloween. Can't wait to scrap my fav fall photos with this kit.


hey max

quit reading my blog at school.
serious. all A's and a B in math?
go study or something.




I had the honor of being Guest Designer at kitpeas.com this month. Their featured kit this month was from ScraptilDawn.com. The good news - all Cherry Arte paper and rubons. The bad news - all Brown paper from Cherry Arte paper. I hate scrapping with brown. I know. I know Jenn. It's the color of chocolate. It's also the color of poop.

Here's my stuff. It didn't turn out too bad considering my issues with brown.


we are home.

Have you ever been to Florida in Setember. one word. HOT.
We had fun fun fun but it was way too humid. The boys were pretty much wilted by 11am each day. We sept 2 days at the waterparks just to cool off. The highlight of the trip was Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. I would recommend this event to anyone. Disney puts on a great party.

I haven't had any time to scrap. My work and kid demands are huge right now. I can't wait to get working on my Disney album and back to school pictures. Someday soon....

In the meantime - Go Tribe! My Dad finally got to see the Tribe spank the Yankees.



This Is Me.

I'm joining the "This Is Me" challenge blog and creating a little journal about ME. Here's my cover and the first few pages.


Elle's Calendar Kit

I got to be one of three Guest Designers for elle's new calendar! Do I need to tell you how much fun I had with this?

Want to see the rest? Check out Elle's Blog or my SIS Gallery.


better than two hundred and forty dollars...worth of pudding

Good news again for this scrappy girl. (I must have been spreading good karma this past month.) I won first place at alphaddict.com "Feel Like a Number" contest. Free Goodies!
I was also selected to be the October Guest Designer at KitPeas.com. They feature a different kit club each month and send the kit to you to guest design. Yipee! Who doesn't love a great kit?

Big plans this weekend. My mom and dad's 40th Anniversary. We are taking them to a very unexpected place to celebrate.( Sorry can't tell ya, my mom reads this blog!)


a very happy day

it pays to be optimistic. I came home from work Satuday to find 2 very happy emails.
First I was selected by Elle's Studio to be a Guest Designer for her new Calendar Kit. Check out her Etsy shop. (SO cool!) The kits will be available presale this Wednesday. I can't wait to get my hands on the kit!
About an hour later I received a email from Kathy Marie Perez letting me know I was selected to be on the Paper Jam Studio Crew. She has the cutest kits and addons! I am so pumped to be a part of this!

What a weekend! I am happy happy happy.



This week I got the boot off "So You Think You Can Scrap". I tied for 3rd/4th place. I was kinda bummed until I remembered Chris Daughtry. He got booted off Idol and everyone was quite shocked about it. Things seemed to have worked out just fine for him. Taylor who? :)