Margaret Pender Maike

  • was an English Lady
  • made the best German Potato Salad and the worst Jell-o salad ever
  • loved to sing the sound of Music
  • grew up during the Depression
  • had three children, four grandchildren and six great grandchildren
  • was married and loved Robert for 62 years
  • shared the love of scrapbooking with me
  • could remember every detail of her life
  • saved everything she could
  • starred in musicals at Town and Country theater
  • read romance novels
  • sewed clothing, costumes and quilts
  • drank tea with milk and sugar
  • could play tennis and piano
  • loved horses
  • helped run Trueman's Confectionary from 1940-1965
  • waited for her husband to come back from WWII
  • lived in the house Robert built since 1948
  • knew just about everyone in Fremont, OH
  • was named Boopsie by her Great Granddaughter Jordan

more abut her here. i was lucky enough to call her grandma for fourty years. i will miss her very much.



lots has been happening. life is always full of happy and sad things all at once.

i have had a bunch of pages picked up to be published and a very nice honor to be bestowed upon me. my grandmother is passing and probably won't be here tomorrow. i'm going to miss her but ready to let her go.

i'll be back later to share. in the mean time, I did post at the WIP site today about a new skill of mine that my mother thinks is hilarious. She's afraid I'll try to start cooking next. Who knows - crazier things have happened!

we leave Sunday for Cruise. my family needs a vacation and it is going to be so wonderful to be there with my parents, aunt and uncle. goodbye cold. hello sunshine.


i am here.

surviving the holidays. turning 40. enjoying my kids. assembling toys. working. taking down the tree. planning for a new year. preparing to lose someone very important to me.

my grandmother Margaret Maike is 91 and a half. she has been hospitalized since December 2nd due to kidney failure. she was transferred to a hospice unit today. i know it is her time, but it is never easy to see someone you love go into such a quick and painful decline. i'm going to miss her so much.

i'll be back later. when things are better and back to the regular crazy life I lead.