i got this new cricut cartridge today. i've been hoarding a rewards card from Cord for months and finally found something to use it on. w0-hoo. can't wait to use it.
i've been so busy it makes my head spin. i haven't had time to scrap in 2 weeks and i'm getting kinda cranky about it. baseball/track season has started for max. coop is playing soccer. emmitt just wants to ride his bike and make black potion (water w/ food coloring) that turns him into Venom.
anyone want to clean my house Saturday so I can scrap?

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Laura said...

Hi Laina,
Come and scrap with us next Sunday...My friends and I are using the crop as a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer 3-day. Let me know if you want a ticket sunnygirl0925@gmail.com
Hope to see you.
Laura Manning