Work In Progress November

I'm really glad Halloween is over. My nutty kids love Halloween so much I feel like it has turned into a second holiday season. Pumpkin Patch Rides, Haunted Forests, Apple Picking, Boo Parades, School Parties and Trick or Treating. I'm wiped out. Thankfully - Thanksgiving is an easier one to go through. Between all of that fun I was able to make 5 pages with my November Work In Progress kits. Each month I fall more and more in love with Trish's kits. I NEVER buy Basic Grey paper and yet the pages I made with BG are some of my favorties.Journaling Reads:
approaching 40 and still feeling like 30
figuring out what to do with my career
wanting a baby, knowing it’s impossible
realizing my oldest is changing too fast
getting control of my 2 wild monkeys
never having enough time for me
worried about loosing boopsie
celebrating 8 years of marriage
dreaming of our vacation
loving fall, hating winter
trying to smile a lot
being me

Journaling Reads:
the things i love about you...
our kiss and hug before bed
the songs you sing from school
you follow me around the house
sneaking into my bed to cuddle
finding pictures you made for me
but most of all..your big blue eyes.
Journaling Reads:
Cooper you are such a dynamic little dude. I love you to pieces, but some days you really know how to cop a serious attitude. I took these photos of you at the Homecoming Parade. You did not want your picture taken, no matter what I bribed you with. You were way too busy getting ready to catch candy. 9/08

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