i am here.

surviving the holidays. turning 40. enjoying my kids. assembling toys. working. taking down the tree. planning for a new year. preparing to lose someone very important to me.

my grandmother Margaret Maike is 91 and a half. she has been hospitalized since December 2nd due to kidney failure. she was transferred to a hospice unit today. i know it is her time, but it is never easy to see someone you love go into such a quick and painful decline. i'm going to miss her so much.

i'll be back later. when things are better and back to the regular crazy life I lead.


Sarah Edelman said...

Laina, I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. My brother in law was in hospice. It was such a beautiful and peaceful place. I am eternally grateful to those people who helped care for him and make his last days peaceful. I will be thinking of you.

pickmepam said...

my thoughts are with you laina.

sticker said...