sneak peak

On my way from picking up Max from baseball camp I stopped by Trish's house and got my February Work In Progress Kit. Sneak peak above. Feel free to drool a little. It's going to be a great month. I am off work on Monday and kids are at school. Time to dig in.

Here are a few more so "last year" pages I never shared. Goodbye 2009.


em said...

I did not know you lived by Trish! Lucky...

Debbie Pugliese said...

I just discovered your blog and LOVE it!! I've been having so much fun browsing through all of your layouts. They're just beautiful. I love the zoo layout, and just wondered--are the animals Cricut shapes? If so, which cartridge are they from? I've been looking for animals like that, but there are so many cartridges out now, it's hard to find specific shapes! Thanks!