10 days later

Do you ever watch SpongeBob? Emmitt watches it every morning while eating his cereal. Ok, I watch it too while drinking my first cup of coffee. I love the part when the narrator comes on and with a deadpan voice says "ten days later" when SpongeBob or Patrick are doing something completely stupid and it just goes on and on. I keep finding myself doing that when I'm caught up with something. Two days later...etc.

So here I am ten days since my last post. What have I been up to? Actually scrapping some assignments (can't share), working on some new Jillibean and My  Favorite Things products (can't share), some freelance projects (confidential), my tax return (boring). So basically I'm really, really busy and none of it can be shared. Hence, continuation of boring blog.

I can share something I have been reading...

I'm completely obsessed with Charley Harper right now. I'm pretty sure the reason I love his work is because he illustrated some of my Golden Books from when I was a child. Check out his work, see if it sparks something in your memory too.

PS If anyone has this book laying around their garage or attic, EMAIL me! I'm willing to barter and beg!


Mel said...

LOL! I am laughing at your post....we totally use the 2 hours later thing too....we also sing a mean version of My Computer Wife Karen:) Hope you have a good day.

audrey said...

Laina I love Charlie Harper! I gave Sierra for Christmas some Charlie Harper "go Fish" cards. She loves them.