Jillibean Projects!

Don't tell my boss...but I never shared my Jillibean Projects from October or November here on my blog!

I had fun making this card, trying something new. I took mini pop dots and crushed one exposed end into red flocking for the apples. I use thin micro dots from Plaid for all my projects. They are my favorite brand because they are thinner than most. Just the right amount of pop.

I made this card in about 5 minutes using the Sweet and Sour Pea Pod Parts (diecuts). Love them almost as much as I love Soup Labels!

Finally getting to scrap my end of school year photos. Ah Emmitt my cutie. Already in second grade.

Leftover photos from last Christmas. The entire family was ADDICTED to Just Dance. In fact, our extended family threatened not to come this year if we didn't agree to play something else!

Snow Days at Progressive Field last December. If you live in Cleveland, GO! It's really fun! And I am SO not an outdoor person in the Winter.

My father and Steve and their beloved Browns. Every season is the same, they never give up on their team.

If Max looks funny in this picture, it's because he was holding back tears. He helped coach Cooper's team last year. They lost their last bid in the tournament by one point. Max was so sad...the 8 year old boys were over it in about a minute.

I'll be back soon!!!

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Kristal said...

Thanks for sharing! Your layouts inspire me to scrapbook, wish I had the time today, but it's off to the store!