I have never been much of card maker. I always seem to get stuck for ideas and the format seems so small compared to scrapbook pages. I'm trying hard to break out of my box and make cards once again. Kimber is going to be so proud of me!

TwoPeas is having a month long stamping and cardmaking event. I was the featured guest yesterday and made some cute little cards using Jillibean and my digital die cuts. I got on a roll and even made 3 extra cards! Now I just need to make about 100 Boy birthday cards for all the parties my kids get invited too and I will be set.


Sweet Summer Surprise!

Surprise?!? Something I have been working for the past month...
I am very proud to introduce Watermelon Gazpacho - Jillibean's MidShow release! Jill and I wanted to bring a summer line that captures everything about Summer. Think BBQ, Fireworks, Swimming and more. Jill gave me a lot of free reign on this collection and I had so much fun designing all of the little details. Hope you love it too!



One of the best parts of my job designing for Jillibean is that I also get to help design their coordinating Unity Stamps! Did you know that TwoPeas is now carrying all of the co-branded Jillibean/Unity sets? You can see the full line of Unity Stamps here.
Picture of A Hoot of a Day {Jillibean Itty Bitty}

Picture of Basket Full of Wishes {Jillibean Itty Bitty}

Picture of Blossom Soup

Picture of Dutch Mustard Soup

Picture of Spotted Owl Soup


Pages to share!

Scrapbooking! Lots and lots of hit has been happening around this house. Still sticking to me new rule - 2 hours and off the desk! It's a good game plan considering I am scraping last season's baseball photos and the new season has already begun! Max is playing his first Varsity game tonight. So excited and nervous for him!
This was a hard page to scrapbook but it needed to get into our book. It was really really sunny that day, the boys had their black jerseys on, and the seats were dark green. What a challenge for this very amateur photographer! I put the rest of the photos from this day in photo sleeves and called it done.

Halloweekends at Cedar Point. We were having such a great time, I kept forgetting to take pictures!
So glad the boys won't have black uniforms this year. It really messes up my pages!

For some reason, I really like how this one turned out. Simple and fun. i wasn't at this game so I had to rely on photos from Steve's iphone.

Thanks for letting me share!


Jillibean 2011 Design Team

Great news was revealed today! I am now part of the regular Jillibean Soup Design Team rather than an occasional contributor via the in-house team. If you hang around long enough, they get used to you being a part of the family. ;)
Now I get to not only do product development but make the projects too! Kimber is going to get me motivated with monthly assignments and get me scrapbooking again. I don't know about you, but I work better with deadlines and responsibility.
The rest of team is a great, diverse group of girls. Some pretty exciting names on the list and some fresh faces too. I can't wait to see what they come up with.