Jillibean Pages

Time to get caught back up sharing some of my Jillibean Projects! I believe these should count as girl pages for once!
she said YES!
My son Max had the nicest and prettiest girlfriend last year. She is in the dance squad for our High School marching band, Max is the starting center. Cute or what? He wanted to ask her to homecoming in a unique way. We made a sign and hung it from the bleachers before a home game. As the band marched in to take their seats, they marched right by the sign. It was priceless to see her face and the rest of bands snickers as they read the sign. Max got a lot of ribbing on the sidelines from his teammates during that game. A local reporter was at the game and put a picture of the sign and a short story in the local paper. The girls at school loved him while they guys were ready to punch him lol!
dance date
Photos of the happy little couple before the Homecoming Dance. I loved that Megan looked extremely pretty and wore a dress appropriate for her age. You would not believe what some of the girls where to these events! Sadly, Max broke up with her before Christmas. He needs a lot of guy time, plays many sports and is extremely involved as a leader at his school. It caused conflicts for them and he simply did not have enough time to manage a steady girlfriend. Fingers crossed that when he does, he picks another just like her. 


BabyBokChoy said...

What a sweet way to ask :) Super layouts, love the clean lines!

Debbi Tehrani said...

Both of these are so adorable, Laina! Love your clean, chic style!