Random things to Share!

August. Ah. The first time all summer I have had time to catch my breath. Keeping busy but taking time to think and do things that were pushed aside during the busy months.

Mentally preparing my myself that this handsome young man is now a Senior and will be leaving me in less than a year. Picking out clothes for his Senior photos, getting ready to apply to colleges, trying to enjoy every second with him that I can.

Finally finishing Cooper's bedroom that was painted in the Spring. He needed one more piece of art for his room and we could not find anything we liked. My friend Trish found some great inspiration online - so I made this myself!

Spending time with my pal Shelly before she has to go back to school in 2 weeks. We went to Summer Market in Avon Lake two weeks ago and saw this adorable camper. I would have bought it if it were for sale! This Saturday we are headed out to Jamie's Flea Market in South Amherst for some thrifting!

Remembering CHA and that I still need to thank Rachel Carlson for this lovely coffee holder.

And Jill Yegerlehner for this wonderful gift bag. (She always spoils our team and has goodies for us each and every time we travel with her! - Nice boss huh!!!)

New nerd glasses, chosen by Cooper. Every time I look at him in his new specs, I smile.

Bought this treat for myself in July and realized that I will only ever buy Urban Decay Eye Shadow for the rest of my life.

And this little guy - the one with the glasses. Cracking me up all summer. Wearing only his undies around the house. Loving ACDC (cool) and obsessed with WWE Wrestling (not cool lol).

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