The Big Ticket

A quick and easy Jillibean page to share today! I used lots of bits and pieces from the Game Day Chili collection. There isn't much of this collection left in the store, so get it while you can!
Max plays a ton of baseball all Summer long. He is extremely dedicated to the game despite the fact that every team he has been on has had a sub par record. That elusive winning season had always been just out of reach. Until this past Summer. He tried out and made a new travel team comprised of players from many different high schools in our area. Including some private schools where the competition and playing level are quite fierce. This team was different and he knew it right from the start. He immediately bonded with his new teammates and coaches. They gave him the respect that no other team had given him. That respect blossomed inside of him and gave Max the playing confidence he had always been missing. He began to have his best season ever defensively and offensively. His batting average soared and his teammates gave him the nickname "Big Ticket." Max was so proud of that name and wore it with pride all summer long. The team excelled and began to win many games and tournaments. It was by far the best summer Max had ever had.

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Tamika said...

Awesome page! I have this collection on my wish list!