Summer Break is killin Me.

In honor of Summer Vacation, a page about the beach.

The kids are out of school and the madness has begun.
7:45am Drive Max w/ to Baldin Wallace for Baseball Camp. Eat Breakfast in car.
9:00am Return from BW, drive Coop to TBall
9:15am Run into Heinen's for Milk, Bread, etc. Take groceries home and let Frank pee.
10:00am Pick up Coop from TBall. Eat snacks in car.
10:30am Take Coop to Safety Town. Home to do laundry and let Frank pee.
12:00pm Pick Coop up Safety Town. Eat lunch at home. (not in car) :)
12:30pm Take kids to Bay Pool
3:00pm Return for nap. (kids, not me.)Make dinner. Read blogs. Frank pee.
5:00pm Max returns from BW. Dinner.
6:00pm Leave for Max's Baseball Game.
9:00pm Return from Max's Game. Bath. Bed for kids.
9:15pm Eat large bowl of Strawberry ice cream. :) Stay up way too late reading SIS TV.


Silvitanova said...

:-) great lo!

shelly b said...

When do you have time to scrap with FRIENDS????

CocoCupcake said...

Cute Page!!! Thanks for posting