Max Rocks.

In case you were not aware, this is why...

For the last 2 years he has missed straights A's by one letter grade each grading period. No matter what, he always ended up with one B on his grade card. Steve and I were always extremely proud of his effort but it bothered Max that he couldn't achieve that perfect score. The last nine weeks of this year, he decided to break the curse. He put in a lot of extra effort and was rewarded not only with straight A's for the 4th grading period but for the FINAL grades of the entire year! He pulled this off despite the fact that he plays on 2 baseball teams and had practice or games almost every night of the week. He is such a fantastic kid!


Summer Break is killin Me.

In honor of Summer Vacation, a page about the beach.

The kids are out of school and the madness has begun.
7:45am Drive Max w/ to Baldin Wallace for Baseball Camp. Eat Breakfast in car.
9:00am Return from BW, drive Coop to TBall
9:15am Run into Heinen's for Milk, Bread, etc. Take groceries home and let Frank pee.
10:00am Pick up Coop from TBall. Eat snacks in car.
10:30am Take Coop to Safety Town. Home to do laundry and let Frank pee.
12:00pm Pick Coop up Safety Town. Eat lunch at home. (not in car) :)
12:30pm Take kids to Bay Pool
3:00pm Return for nap. (kids, not me.)Make dinner. Read blogs. Frank pee.
5:00pm Max returns from BW. Dinner.
6:00pm Leave for Max's Baseball Game.
9:00pm Return from Max's Game. Bath. Bed for kids.
9:15pm Eat large bowl of Strawberry ice cream. :) Stay up way too late reading SIS TV.


my kids are crazy.

so we get home from a friend's house and i realize that I forgot to bring the garage door opener. i take frank in the yard to pee for like the 28th time that day. the boys are in the driveway talking. coop goes through the side door and opens the garage door to get his bike out. i'm concentrating on frank. the next thing i hear is emmitt going weeeee......

this little three year old rascal has grabbed the bottom handle of the door and is riding it like an elevator. life is now passing by me in slow motion. the door opens all the way and he is hanging from the top of the garage by his little hands, laughing at first and then screaming when he realizes how far off the ground he is.

i run over, grab his legs and get him down. shaking with complete fear at how dangerous the situation was and how completely ridiculously funny it was at the same time.

we had a long talk and agreed that we will NOT try this again. what will they try next?



This is Frank. He is our dog. We love him.

Frank Sinatra Lamb. Born April 9, 2007. Adopted June 1, 2007.


Bizzee Girl

I've been busy scrappin for work this week. Making simple pages for our customer's inspiration. Loving my new job and responsibilities, but barely keeping my head above water with the kids and home.
Shelly got to come over last weekend and scrap with me. So fun to share a hobby/passion with someone like her. A few new pages are done...but saving them for some new pub calls. It just isn't very fun not being able to post.
Frank came today. Big post tomorrow!