now he is four

my little guy turned four today. he has changed so much this past year. turning from toddler to preschooler.

things i want to remember about emmitt:
~tells everyone his name is Bruce Wayne
~loves chocolate milk and diet coke
~carries around fake money, coins and jewels
~hides beanie baby dogs in my kitchen cabinets
~can't say the "L" sound so he "woves" me
~loves to gargle w/ mint Listerine!
~sneaks in my bed every morning around 5am
~hates the top button on his jeans
~watches the Backyardigans way too much
~talks in a deep voice when he's playing bad guys
~says "YOU understand?!" when i'm not listening
~can sing to Toytaker song from Rudolph
~will sit in the bath for over an hour
~loves to do monkeys on the bed every night

i wish i could freeze time and keep him this way a little longer.


Ryzmomplus2 said...

OH I love this! I wish I could go back and remember all those details when my kids were little!

Christina said...

I love this too!! You have inspired me to make lists of my kiddos little details from their currant age. Your blog post also makes me think a little, because my little man will be four this coming year. Seeing a four year old makes you realize how much they change in that year. I too wish I could pause time and keep them little just a little longer!!