my pet Frank

when we decided to adopt a puppy last june, i was petty nervous. i was 38 years old and had never actually had a dog before!

i am happy to report that after 10 months of living together...i wouldn't trade him for anything. sure, he has gas. and he ate my blue slippers yeaterday. (he'll chew anything. serious.) he spends the first 10 minutes of every morning licking my face. he steals the kids toys and makes them scream. but he also loves all of us so much. he knows my husband steve is in charge but somehow he knows i'm the momma and chooses to snuggle with me whenever I sit on the couch. i never knew i could love a dog like this.

(this is my new page for the this is me challenge - hope you like it!) Laina


Akinol said...

See here or here

TheresaK said...

Love him!! Love the layout too!!

Lu said...

oh, this is a great page!!!