alive and kickin

whoa. two weeks gone. don't know how that happened. we finally got our power back after 5 days. the lamb family is definitely not a roughin it type of family. it seems like all i have been doing since i got back is work and laundry.

the little guys are over the top for Halloween as usual no thanks to their over indulging Grandmother. she has taken them to every halloween/costume shop in the county including pat catan's, michaels and joanns. we even had to check out the flower factory for the first time. the only place they haven't been to yet is hobby lobby. i never knew there could be so many halloween usa stores in one area. the boys convinced their dad to put up all the spooky stuff last night. so even though we have over a month to go, my house is covered in rats and bats.

i'm done with my WIP October DT projects and can't wait to post them. i think they are some of my best yet.

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