here's a little bit of crazy for you

We went to the Browns game Sunday night to watch the Steelers cream us. (boo) In the middle of the game Hurricane Ike decided to hit Ohio. (OHIO!?!) We came home to no power, no phone. Trees down everywhere. It seriously looked like we were in the south not the great lakes!
We went to bed thinking no biggie, they'll have it fixed by morning like they always do. Wrong! The damage was so extensive it may be the weekend before we gain power. The kids were thrilled-No School!
Monday night we packed the freezer, the kids and headed for my mom's house. I had to leave today for St. Louis to help a few other stores and won't be back until late Wednesday. To top it off today is Steve and I's 8th anniversary. He got to eat meatloaf at my mom's house with the kids. This will go down in the Lamb Family History as one wacky week.

(written from the Comfort Inn Fairview Heights, IL)


pickmepam said...

i was lucky enough to walk into my house just as the storm hit, but also lucky enough not to have lost power! a lot of people in the community did lose power, and the kids didn't complain when they found out they had a "snow" day!

shelly b said...

it was a crazy week! happy anniversary!