I forgot to say that some of my work has been removed from this blog because it will be in Scrapbooks, Etc. Feb. 09 and Creating Keepsakes Feb. 09! wo-hoo!

now I'm done. :)


alive and kickin

whoa. two weeks gone. don't know how that happened. we finally got our power back after 5 days. the lamb family is definitely not a roughin it type of family. it seems like all i have been doing since i got back is work and laundry.

the little guys are over the top for Halloween as usual no thanks to their over indulging Grandmother. she has taken them to every halloween/costume shop in the county including pat catan's, michaels and joanns. we even had to check out the flower factory for the first time. the only place they haven't been to yet is hobby lobby. i never knew there could be so many halloween usa stores in one area. the boys convinced their dad to put up all the spooky stuff last night. so even though we have over a month to go, my house is covered in rats and bats.

i'm done with my WIP October DT projects and can't wait to post them. i think they are some of my best yet.


here's a little bit of crazy for you

We went to the Browns game Sunday night to watch the Steelers cream us. (boo) In the middle of the game Hurricane Ike decided to hit Ohio. (OHIO!?!) We came home to no power, no phone. Trees down everywhere. It seriously looked like we were in the south not the great lakes!
We went to bed thinking no biggie, they'll have it fixed by morning like they always do. Wrong! The damage was so extensive it may be the weekend before we gain power. The kids were thrilled-No School!
Monday night we packed the freezer, the kids and headed for my mom's house. I had to leave today for St. Louis to help a few other stores and won't be back until late Wednesday. To top it off today is Steve and I's 8th anniversary. He got to eat meatloaf at my mom's house with the kids. This will go down in the Lamb Family History as one wacky week.

(written from the Comfort Inn Fairview Heights, IL)


WIP September and fun news

Good news...Two of my entries for Memories Makers Master were chosen to be pblsihed in Kimber McGray and Summer Fullerton's new book titled "A Scrapbooker's Year."

Once again, a fun fabulous kit put together by Trish at Work In Progress. The last page is a negative storage sheet with 2x2 photos. What a way to do a fast collage! Don't forget to see what the other DT girls did with this kit at well!


a little goodbye

September was my last month designing for the Scrapping Spot. I enjoyed the past 6 months working with Jill and Cathy and appreciate the experience given to me. This month's kit was filled with Pink Paislee's Vintage Moon.

We had a nice quiet weekend around the house. Max got to go o the Tribe game and see Cliff Lee win #20. I actually got caught up with all of my house work, which means little more time to scrap this week. I'm smiling just thinking about it.