getting ready

I can't believe the holiday is only 10 days away! The boys are so excited for Santa this year. We have been busy getting the house ready and going to some special events in preparation of Christmas. Emmitt has his first holiday program at school on Monday and is so proud that his family is coming to watch. Max has his holiday band concert on Thursday. The 8th Grade band dresses formal for the event. Cooper doesn't have a concert this year in 1st grade. He is looking forward to Friday, the last day before Winter Break. Our family gets to "babysit" Squeakers the class guinea pig. He wants another pet and has been begging for a hamster. (no way. period.) Hopefully watching Squeakers will buy me some time.
The boys made this Gingerbread House from a kit purchased at Costco. The house was already assembled. Just frost and decorate! Easy and fun.

The lovely tree in our empty living room - the only safe room away from Frank.

Lime green and purple were my holiday theme colors this year.

Our trip to Country Lights at Lake Farmpark.

The boys made wood toys at the workshop. Cooper a tank and Emmitt a pirate ship.

They loved their first trip on the Polar Express too. They actually believed they were on their way to the North Pole.

I can't wait to make pages for all of these great family moments.


Sarah Edelman said...

I can't wait to ride the polar express! I think that it's the coolest. Looks like you all had great fun! Talk to you soon...hope that you have a GREAT christmas!

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