spring break

Spring is slowly arriving in Cleveland. The boys are on break and having a blast with no school this week. Max returned home last night after 5 days in NYC with grandma and grandpa. We bought ourselves and Frank a present yesterday - Invisible Fence. Hooray!

I am loving my new position at Pulsar. I learn something new every day. It feels great to be in graphics again. I'm inspired to use my computer drawing skills as a supplement to my scrapbooking. I've been playing with my cricut again and purchased SCAL for it. Read my WIP post about it here. I haven't really been scrapping too much. I've been too busy researching and learning. I want to be able to cut vinyl for my walls and have been looking for good prices online.

Steve bought me a new computer that will be housed in my scrapbook space. I'll now have a dedicated computer for my freelance business and scrapbooking. (He was really just tired of my large format scanner and recently my cricut sitting in the family room.) We really needed it anyway with five of us continually fighting over who's turn it was on the PC.
I'll be scrapping tonight. I got my new WorkinProgress kit to play with and like a kid with candy, I can't wait to enjoy.

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