Crazy here again.

The week before Halloween is starting to become like the week before Christmas. I am crazy busy with work and a new freelance project. We are headed to Chicago for Halloween so I have to pack, get costumes ready, etc. The kids have their parties and parade at school Friday so there are treats to be made as well.

PS. The cute one on the bottom is cracking me up again. Last week he came home from school and told me how much he likes Ostco Picostco the painter and how wonderful his paintings are. (I love any school that teaches Kindergarten children to paint self portraits like Picasso.)


Michelle Lanning said...

LOL Otsco -- that is classic - outta the mouth of babes -- that would be a clever title!

Jewel said...

Your boys are so darn cute! Love the story. We had to get up early this morning to take my daughter to her orchestra lesson and my 1st grade son said it would have been so pleasant to stay in bed and read. Huh?! When has he EVER done that? He always gets up and plays with Legos, Star Wars, etc. but never reads. And when did he start saying pleasant? Got to love boys.