Free Friday #22

Another quick one today! The kids are at school and I am sorta on a scrapbook vacation. Meaning while they are at school, I am finally getting to all those great summer photos.

Lace Borderlines released at TwoPeas this week. This is one of my favorite releases thus far. Remember when cutting intricate designs to always use a fresh blade and sticky mat. Keep in mind that these designs were intended to be cut 11-12" in length, scaling smaller can result in inaccurate results. If you need a smaller border, simply cut at the long size and trim off the sides to fit your project.

Today's free file....I thought this may come in handy for all the mom's who sent their kids back this week.

Have a great weekend!


Veronica said...

Love the freebie! Thanks Laina.

Tami said...

TERRIFIC freebie...thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new borders you just released! Keep them coming