Happy New Year!

I had to share this photo...Cooper insisted that he needed to wear a tux for New Year's. I thought he wanted to be fancy, instead he was just fulfilling his fantasy of becoming Bond, James Bond.

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of parties, activities and FOOD. Every person in the house received gel memory foam mattress pad and fleece sheets. No one has gotten out of bed before 9am this entire holiday. Even the Rooster (Cooper!). Well except for Christmas morning when he work us all at 7:03 to open gifts. I am actually happy break is over tomorrow and we will finally be back on a regular schedule.

I really hope to update and share here more regularly here in 2011. Unfortunately I have come to realize that offering a free cutting file every Friday simply isn't feasible with all the work I have on my plate. While I can't promise to offer them every Friday as before I will periodically surprise my blog readers with files as my time allows.

I am proud to announce that I (with Jill's vision) had the pleasure of designing 3 of the 4 new lines being released at CHA Winter. I have also helped with all of their new embellishments, stickers and other new products to be announced! You can see a sneak peek of them here! I cannot wait to share more with you as we get closer to CHA.

2010 was incredible year of growth for me as a designer. 2011 is already full of even more potential and I cannot wait to get started. Thanks to everyone who stops by and reads this blog and allows me to share my interests and ideas. I hope that you find inspiration here.


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Julie Bonner said...

I am just amazed at all the fabulous work you have done over the past year & feel blessed to have crossed scrappy paths with you because of 52 sketches :) Learning about & experimenting with graphic design is a dream of mine that I am hoping to play with this year & seeing all the fabulous things you have done is so inspiring!!! Best of luck to you in the coming year & can't wait to see what you & Jill have come up with as I just love JB Soup!!!