Craft Room Under Construction!

When we moved to our house in June 2006, I had just started scrapbooking. I created a craft space in the back corner of our basement. It wasn't fancy but it was efficient. I always hoped that someday we would be able to finish the basement for a rec room but even more importantly, a craft room and office for me.

Every time we would get close to starting my dream room, another house expense would pop up. Finally after five years of saving, we are officially under construction!!! The main room will be a rec room for the kids to entertain, watch movies and play video games.

A low wall will separate the two rooms. I wanted to leave it somewhat open so that I could keep an eye on them ;) and not feel like I was trapped in a little space. I did have to make the room slightly smaller to allow for the walls and cabinets. What I lost in square footage I have made up for in cabinets and organization! My contractor is making an office desk for me to hold my computers, cutters, printer and scanner. I will have an additional craft table in the middle of the room to create on. I am so excited for the project to be complete.


Sarah said...

Lookin good Laina! MUST post pics when finished :) I've always wanted a bigger scrap space and a finished area.

Anonymous said...

L-it is going to be awesome! So happy for you to finally get your dream space! --evilwoman

Cindy Tobey said...

That is awesome Laina! Can't wait to see the finished space. :)