This Halloween season, my boys are CRAZY about zombies! No more cute pirates or clown costumes picked by mom. Nope, this year we are going for death and decay.

Our local library is great. I am in there at least once a week picking up books and videos for the family. Through their network, I can borrow materials from universities all over Ohio. It really helps when I am working on a project and need materials not always available at a branch location.They have great children's programs to. Last week Cooper got to attend a 2 hour Lego Mindstorms Robotic event. He and the other children got to build and program a robot. He loved it and is now begging for the very expensive kit for Christmas.

Last Saturday the library hosted a "Zombie Party" to kick off the Halloween season. They had games, activities and a professional make-up artist to turn the kids into Zombies. My boys LOVED it.

Here's the quick page I made using photos from the party. I used my Epiphany Round 14 tool to make the buttons for the big Z in Zombie!

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BabyBokChoy said...

Did you do the makeup? amazing and of course SCARY! :)