Five on Friday - Projects to Share!

Fall Fridays - don't you love them? My Senior Max has his Homecoming Game tonight. We are all pretty excited about watching play tonight. He has been battling a high ankle sprain since Game 2 of the season and although he played last week, he still wasn't 100%. He looks to be in better shape and is ready to battle tonight! The little rascals are excited because prior to the game is the Annual Homecoming I mean CANDY Parade. The entire town comes out to see the different groups, sports and clubs march. Did I mention they all throw candy? My boys won't even march with their teams...that would mean missing the grub.

1. One of his many Senior Pics you will be seeing me scrapbook this year. Can't believe he is a Senior. I say it to myself every single day. On location at Cleveland Browns Stadium, taken by my fabulous friend Trish.

2. Happy Eight - Had this page up on the Jillibean blog this week. Finally had time to use Grandma's Lima Bean Soup. Love how this came out, even when I didn't have the best photos to use.
 3. Another Card! We were challenged to use Hexagons this month. Love how easy it is to use the Hexies Stickers for quick projects and more.

4. Party Planning - My head is swimming with ideas this week. I was coerced into being a co-Chair for After-Prom this Spring. Basically a 4 hour party for the Seniors to celebrate (and keep them safe!) We have already started the planning process. Anyone have experience with this type of thing? Any ideas to share?!?

5. Picked up some new fall clothes at my favorite new store...JCP. Yep, JCPenney's. That same horrible, awful store my mom dragged me to in High School to buy school clothes and shoes. I remember how mad I was at her for being SOooooo uncool and making me shop there. Have you been to one lately??? Wow has it changed. Their new CEO has a new vision to make the stores modern, organized and all at one low price. No ridiculous sales every two days like Kohl's. I am loving the new brands they have. Simple, funky and low priced. Plus the new store by my house has a Sephora inside. Dangerous...


Anonymous said...

I'm with you about JCP! They have really gone through a cool transformation! --evilwoman

Melinda said...

Laina, such a super cute card using the hexagons. Looking forward to getting know you and working with you on the Jillibean team. :)