Five on Friday

Lots of good stuff to think about today...

1. I really want a set of these to cut my dies. I love my Big Shot but the cutting plates wear out too quickly and leave marks on the die cut paper. AND this is magnetic so the dies won't slip around!

Pumpkin Spice Coffeeand Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice (liquid)
2. The Pumpkin K-Cups finally made it to my local Bed Bath & Beyond on Monday. I have been stalking the coffee aisle for the past month. These two products combined = mornings in heaven.

3. My iPhone5 was delivered last Friday at 3:45pm. I had it activated and running by 4:05. I'm addicted. Like a five year old at Christmas. The panoramic camera is way cool.

4. Using my precious free time to do some much needed redecorating around the house. The boys' bedrooms have all been freshly painted. Cooper's room is finished, Max and Emmitt's are on their way to be done. Found this cool rack today that will be perfect in Emmitt's room for books and more.

5. The 2012-2013 Jillibean Team was revealed today! Lot's of great new talent joining a few of us "old" timers over there. Very excited about working with these lovely ladies!

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