back in the game

i live in cleveland. it is very cold. very. i haven't left the house in 24 hours and don't plan on leaving for another 24. it was below 10 degress on Monday. the kids got the day off school. wo-hoo! everyone was happy except emmitt. he goes to preschool and doesn't like to miss a day with his buddy wogan (logan - he still can't say his L's).
i've been reading with the kids, playing games, reorganizing my stickers (hello clip-it-up!), and getting caught up on my This is Me Journal. i'm totally caught up on my scrapbooking and ran out of pictures this past weekend. (obnoxious. i know.) tomorrow i'm gonna play with my camera and see what i can get.
i'll actually have to go outside thursday. they expect me to show up for work sometime.

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