another one done

let me explain a little about my oldest child Max. he has recently decided that he will become a doctor when he's grown up. professional baseball took a backseat when he realized how many people actually want to play as well. becoming a doctor will allow him to travel wherever he wants to see the world and most importantly EAT. i don't know if anyone else who reads this lives with a 12 year old boy but let me tell you, they eat. a lot. he seems to have a endless appetite. thanks in part to his grandparents who take him to restaurants and on vacations that i can't afford, he has now acquired a taste for the finer foods in life. if he has a choice, he will pick Thai over wings. his idea of a good chain restaurant is Cheesecake Factory. his social studies class is studying the middle east and he is preparing a syrian dish for his classmates to eat at school on friday.
someday, some lucky girl is going to catch this son of mine. boy I hope she realizes what a great package this kid is. Loves to travel, wants to try new foods, plans for a career in medicine, is very handsome and an awesome athelete. momma is bringing him up right.


Ladybastard said...

I totally love this LO!
great! amazing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is cute!!
love how ur son is wanting to be a doctor over a baseball player!!
u have yourself an amazing young man!!


Nessa said...

amazing layout! i love your style
i just discovered your blog and love it

Kathy Marie said...

love the layout its awsome, ive been to japan its great!!!

shelly b said...

LOVE this...because you are a cool mom and you adore your son!! love that about you!

Lizee said...

i dont have 12 yr old boy...but i have a 26 yr old boy who loooooves to eat! LOL

japan is also on my travel to do list...hope it comes true:)