staying warm

or at least trying to. I'm so done with Winter. Max the child who rarely gets sick was sick again last week. The bad weather needs to end.
Emmitt Lamb the Cute turns five tomorrow. We had a family party on Sunday at my mom's. Very fun. Lots of food and lots of Wii. He is having his buddy from school over to play in the morning and for dinner we are taking all the boys to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate. Still can't believe Mr. Blue Eyes will be five. I hate that it's going by so quickly. Especially knowing he is my last little one.
I've been working a lot lately, picking up some extra money. Might as well work now while it's cold out. The store has finally been getting in some new products, so it's fun to make samples and play.

Once again I loved my Work In Progress Kit for March. Lots of Cosmo Cricket. Yum. I have even more pages to share later this week. It's good to hibernate.


Trish said...

I completely LOVE what you did with the kit this month, Laina!! I really just need to hand you my pictures--LOL!

kathymarieperez said...

awsome pages...hope all is well.

Cady said...

cute blog!!!