the house is quiet.

They boys went back to school this week. Leaving me home alone for at least part of the day. My youngest in Kindergarten and my oldest to High School. Pretty funny! Emmitt got to ride the bus for the very first time Tuesday morning with Cooper. He never looked back even once. It is so much easier to be the third child. I thought I would be sentimental to see him go - but instead I was relieved. He really needed and wanted to go to school and was so happy to be joining his big brothers.
Now on the days I don't freelance at Pulsar, I have 3 hours of no kids! I should be cleaning or grocery shopping but I do plan on sneaking in some scrap time. After 14 years of kiddos, I derserve it!
My biggest worry this week has been Max and his adjustment to High School. He leaves the house at 7am and doesn't return until 7:30pm after football practice. I was literally waiting at the end of the driveway the past two nights dying to see him and talk about his day. All he wanted to do was eat and shower. He loves it and is already digging in to his studies. He wants to get all "A's" this year because he talked me into buying him a laptop if I did. Go Max.
Here is another quick page I made using the Making Memories Just Chillin line. In other news, I am thinking about trying out for this Design team. I like the existing team, sketches and their layouts. It would be a good challenge for me.


Trish said...

Enjoy the peace--I know you will fill that time!!

Julie said...

ah quiet!!

you need to apply for that dt!! you rock!!