Life is Good

Things have definitely slowed down around this house now that baseball has ended for all three boys. Max is busy practicing football with 2 a days. He comes home beat tired every day.Cooper is going to Summer Academy, a math and science enrichment program. (He loves it! Bugs, creek walks and math disguised as games every day for two weeks.) Emmitt is just enjoying his last days of summer until Kindergarten starts in less than 3 weeks. He mainly goes to the pool and eats ice cream full-time. I am back to work at Pulsar this week. I am currently designing a "wedding" themed kit for one of their accounts. Very fun and challenging. I love being in the office with all of the other creative staff. CHA was last week and today we got to see all of their photos and brochures the group brought back from the show.

Lucky me got invited back to Shur Tech for another adhesive focus group. Trish, Jen and I got to give our opinions and feedback for many different adhesive products. It's really fun to go but the best part is all the free goodies they give for your time and opinion.

Today I left with some really great products. Silver foil tape, lime green duct tape, 24 tape runners, 6 rolls of colored masking tape, 3 dispensers of foil tape in green, gold and silver, 3 super thin rolls of green masking tape, 2 more rolls of double sided adhesive. Pretty cool since many of the items are hard to find.

The silver tape is actually tape that contractors use on ducts and HVAC systems. We got to thinking about what it could also be used for. I cam home and ran it through my Big Shot with a Quickutz x8 alpha die. Presto! Tiny silver stickers. Worked liked a dream and super cheap for making your own stickers.

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