did you ever

say something that you wished you could take back?

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I certainly hope this is how Kayne feels tonight. Probably not though. Not that I like Taylor that much. But it was really rude. And I love Madonna but was it really necessary to have her give the King of Pop tribute speech? Boring. I loved Brooke Shield's memorial speech to him WAY better.

No scrapbooking for me this weekend. Lots of football, karate picnic and dinner with family. I'm back to lots of work at Pulsar working on some new exciting projects. Also, upgraded my Adobe Lightroom to 2.0 so I had to play with photos for a few hours too.

I got my new October Work In Progress Kit today...very fun. Hopefully will have pictures to post from Trish tonight. Lots to do this week but with it brings the best weekend of the month. Steve is flying to Denver to see the Browns vs. Broncos with Curtis. The little guys are going to Niagara Falls with Grandpa and Grandma. Leaving Max and I the house to ourselves. He will be busying playing his new Halo ODST and I will spend the weekend getting caught up on my summer scrapbook pages. FUN!

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Karina said...

I can't wait to see your new pages!!!