I originally posted this on the Work In Progress blog...I've been adding to my font library this past week and have added a few new favorites at the bottom!
Font Finder

Laina here today! I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite fonts and free font websites.

Get Creative with Type
If you would like to learn more about typography and how to use type more effectively I highly recommend "Get Creative with Type" by Brian Tippetts. He explains the anatomy of a typeface and gives many great examples of how to make your pages more successful by choosing the correct typeface. I would also suggest looking at your local library for books on typography. My county library has hundreds available through online request. Another great resource is "96 Amazing Typography Blogs".

Here are a few of my favorite sites for downloading free fonts:
Dafont (has lots of cool dingbats too!)

I tend to stay away from overly themed fonts as they can look outdated very quickly. Here are five of my favorite typefaces:

Century Gothic Complete Family Pack
Century Gothic - crisp and clean, great for journaling blocks. This is usually installed on your PC with windows.


Fling - very trendy. You see it on lots of magazines. Download for free from the link.


Rockwell - chunky and fun for pages. Won't look dated.

Sweetheart Script

Sweetheart Script - my favorite script font.

Font: Frankfurter Medium
Frankfurter Medium - puffy letters are great for titles, especially when you want to connect or weld the letters together.

I also wanted to include a thread from 2Peas. Have you ever wanted to find the font that matches your American Crafts Thickers? Check this link to see the font matches. You can find virtually every font for free on the web following the links I gave you above. Good luck!

Here are a few more fun fonts to try!

Over 40 free Retro fonts. Go there now.

At Mahagony is alot like Feel Script.

Little Days is very cute.



pickmepam said...

someone here at school was looking for a certain font and didn't know where to go. i said, "have i got a blog for you!" she was thrilled. thanks for the post over on wipkits.

Isabel said...

Love your layouts!! Would you be able to tell me what the name of the font is that you used on your layouts named Photos (Work in Progress) and The Best (Work in Progress)? It is such a great font for pages!!!

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