Mosh Posh April Kit and Sketches on Tuesday

The April gallery is up at the Mosh Posh site. There are kits left so don't wait! Here is what I contributed.
I love how simple this one is. And that my hubbie was totally game to the photo booth thing. We had the 14 year old with us and he was MORTIFIED that we went in together. "What if someone sees you?" He must of thought we were gonna make out or something in there. I love how easily embarrassed they are.

Speaking of 14 year olds...

I used my edge distresser on this one. It was fun. The Sassafras blue letter stickers and the Cosmo chipboard letters were so fun to work with this month.

Emmitt. I want to squeeze him every day.

And here is the sketch I promised that goes with the above layout "first lost tooth".


piradee talvanna said...

love these layouts and especially how you matched the papers!! thanks for the inspiration and the "must do" sketch :)

pickmepam said...

love the photo booth! i have NEVER been in one! i think i'll just add that to my non-existant bucket list!
the photo with the boys, wow! look how handsome they are! i hardly recognized your son until i clicked in for a closer look! how fast they all grow up.

BabyBokChoy said...

Fabulous girlfriend!!! Okay... I'm ready to cut, svg!!! LOL. You are probably like, finally, weeks after JJ first flipped out! But now I finally have a USB cord and the girls and I are ready for some projects. I see so many of your 2peas stuff that I will be buying, surely you will bankrupt me!! LOL