A special post...

because Marina asked. :)
She asked which format to use if you have a Pazzles...I believe that if you use the .DXF file, it should work fine.

Signmax Funtime & Win/pc: http://www.funtimescrapbooking.com/  This software comes with the Pazzles & Gazelle machines and its native file format is WPC.  The software can also be purchased separately, for designing purposes.  There are different versions of this basic type of software available that do different things.  Depending which version you get it also will cut to the following machines:   KNK, Wishblade, Silhouette, Craft Robo & more.  It has tracing abilities for converting raster to vector for cutting.  There is less of a learning curve with this program, more “home user friendly”.  Opens BMP, JPG,Tiff, PCX as raster for tracing.  WMF, WPC, VIP EPS, PRN, PLT, EPS, AI version 8, DXF as vector for cutting.  Does not open vector PDF files.   Recognizes Truetype fonts that are on your computer.  Has a sharing network web site to share files with others.

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briscrapper said...

Thank you! I can't tell you how happy you've made me. I bought a Pazzles 18 months ago. 18! and it's still in the box. I literally stumbled on your designs at Two Peas (which I love BTW), & that led me to your blog.
Your's is officially now my favourite blog.