Funny but True!

I saw this today at the Design Bureau of America. It made me laugh since this is how I feel most days. Expect for the quitting part! You would have to add in being a mom with three kids and a husband so the poster would be twice as long!

I bought an iPad last week which should be followed by the fact that I did NOTHING all weekend but play with it in my free time. It's like a Nintendo DS for adults. I absolutely love it. My kids got me hooked into Plants versus Zombies. Warning  - Highly addicting, mind numbing game. I download books, music and can even look at the Ikea catalog on it. If you have any favorite apps, hook me up and leave me a comment below!


Sarah said...

Laina, this is too funny!!! As for apps, I love words with friends on my iphone! Have fun with your ipad... that might have to be my next spoil :)

Lisa said...

Overdrive to download library books. Instacast for podcasts. Wreck This App is an app version of Wreck This Book. Pocketbooth. Evernote.