back home - again.

the last two weekends have been fun but busy. the weekend bfore last, i had to go to Elmore, Ohio for a bridal shower. my mom and i left early and decided to sneak in a trip to Hobby Lobby in Bowling Green before the shower. i found a few things i *needed*, as usual. on our way out of BG, i saw an old Ben Franklin store on the Main Street. i convinced my mom to stop even though we were cutting it close to shower time.

it was like a step back in time. there was an old candy counter and fountain. millions of wind up toys and junk galore. my kids would have LOVED it. the scrapbooking aisle was horrendous. my mom found a bright orange christmas tree marked half off. (it is now her "halloween tree" - more on this goofy matter in another post.) just as i was being told we had to go because we would be late for the shower, i found the "trims" section. there were two aisles of old ribbon and lace that had been sitting there for 20 years or more. most of it was .5 per yard. yes, a nickel! i grabbed a few that spools of punchinella and lace that i loved. if i would have had more than 30 seconds to pick, i'm sure i would have left with more. i got the thread for 1.50 and the stickers for .99. score!
now i'm on a hunt for old ben franklin stores to see if they are all the same. there's one in oberlin that's calling my name.

last night we got back from a weekend in chicago. steve's brother ran in the accenture triathalon and raised over $6000 for Parkinson's research. steve's mother has the disease so the entire family went to cheer him on.

i love chicago. friday we shopped. Lego store for Coop, Niketown for Max. Emmitt played on the playground behind Water Tower Place. we wore the little kids out on Saturday and hit the Shedd Aquarium, Millenium Park and the Lincoln Park Zoo all in one day. max opted out and went to see the Cubbies play instead. it was a family weekend but I still managed to sneak in Uncle Fun and Paper Boy. Didn't get to go to Windy City Scrapbooking even though it was less than a mile from our hotel. Sunday we were at the race all day, had late lunch at McGee's and headed home since the kiddos had their first day of school on Monday.


Elaine said...

omg thank you for my comment! You are too sweet! I love your header and your creations for sure!

I've really been enjoying scrapstars. That's so fun that's you're on the DT!

Damaris said...

WOw..great finds. Sounds like you had a great time in the windy city. Can't wait to see your pics!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, you did stopped in half of chicago on that trip.