random cool things..

1. Friday was my turn post at the Work In Progress Blog. I got to talk about my tried and true favorite little tools.

2. Scrapbook Trends picked up one of my pages for their January 09 issue. Wo-hoo!

3. I know it's August but...I couldn't resist getting the new American Crafts Christmas paper and embellishments. I am going to have to enter a Thicker Addiction Rehab soon.

4. I get to go to St. Louis this month for work to help train some other Event Coordinators. Can't wait to see the other stores.

5. Going to my neighbors to drink Captain Morgan and Diet Coke tonight. I love Holiday Weekends.

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Trish said...

Wait a minute, back up here.

6. My dad is a delegate and got to see John Freakin' Mayer at Red Rock?

Seriously...NEED DETAILS PLEASE!!! Can't wait to hear everything!! Spill it.