why my grandmother is great

because she NEVER throws anything away...i find treasures at her house every time I visit. I guess when you grow up during the depression you learn the value of things.

The last time i visited she gave me her Underwood Typewriter. This oversized beauty can type legal size paper (and 12x12!). I researched the typewriter online and the best that I can tell is that it was made around 1920. After a little cleaning and polish, I put some paper in to test it out. Lo and behold, it still works! The ribbon is a little faint and the keys stick a little but it adds so much quality to the print. I can't wait to use this on a layout.

It gets better...my mom and oldest son Max went to see her last week and dragged this back from Fremont as well. It was given to me from a dear family friend who is a big time quilter and collects sewing machines. Meet my new sewing machine - the Singer Slant-O-Matic 401.

Ths baby was the last model made with all metal parts. The manufacturing date is around 1957 whcih is pretty obvious given the style of the cabinet. I have read nothing but good about these machines on the internet. The parts are so strong it can sew through leather and several layers of thick fabric. Again, after a little cleaning, it was ready to go. My mother came over and gave me a little sewing lesson. (I hadn't used a machine in over 25 years!) I am SO excited to finally be able to stitch on my layouts. Watch out world! I'm gonna be the next Jill Hornby.


Colleen said...

awesome scores!!

i have my grandmother's old singer too, but it doesn't work anymore. right now i'm using the cabinet as a night stand in the guest room

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Oh that is so cool to not only have these "antique" items, but that they are from family too! That typewriter is just too cool!

Cathy said...

Oh wow those are some fab treasures.

pickmepam said...

sewing machines were so much better when they were actually metal! (i love my current viking, though)
that typewriter is totally wicked! i love the sound of the old typewriters, click, click, click...

:: gingerkitty :: said...

wow vintage treasures!

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