A new year, a new start. I love this time of year. The holiday decorations are put away and life slows down a bit around the house. (In comparison to the usual chaos!) I actually have time to think about where we are headed and what my goals for the year are.

Here are a few that I have set for myself and the family:
1. Become more efficient with my workload. I love what I do but tend to take on too many "extra" side projects that take away from the family.
2. Scrapbook and create more things from hand. I love drawing and designing on my computer every day but miss creating pages. More time for myself to do this.
3. Finish my 2 Disney albums from 2010 and 2011!!!
4. Help Max start and narrow down his college choices. It's coming up fast.
5. Exercise and take better care of myself. I gain a little each year and it's showing.
6. Spend more alone time with my husband. The kids and work always come first. He's always third.
7. Have more patience with the kids.
8. Go on more trips, get out and have more fun. Life is too short to put if off for another day.
9. Appreciate my parents more. I can't begin to tell you how much they do for us.
10. Relax - I stress way too much.

Now if I can just remember to do these things!

CHA is almost upon us. All of the new Jillibean goodness is in production. Jill and I are breathing a sigh of relief as we wait for production samples to arrive. The first of many sneak peeks will begin Friday on the Jillibean blog. I'm over the top excited about the new lines and cannot wait to share!

Here are a few more layouts from 2011 to share!


BabyBokChoy said...

Happy new year Laina!! Loved reading this post and your resolutions!

Shelly Brewer said...

Your resolution should be...spend more time with my friends. Especially ones that live in your neighborhood.