CHA Sneak Peek 1

I'm already behind on CHA Peeks! Jill and I worked like CRAZY in December getting our new lines ready. Jill sets the idea of a collection and sends me ideas, simple sketches, photos, etc. I take her idea and literally run with it. She allows me to illustrate and further develop the concept. My favorite part of our process is coming up with the cute words and icons for the stickers and diecuts. Once I have the preliminary designs set, she and I go back and forth tweaking scale, colors, etc until she is satisfied we are ready for print.

The first collection is Easter themed but could be used for anything! I am so not a pastel person (neither is Jill!) so when we first started this collection, we were both very unsettled on the look. As we progressed, we both came to love the collection in it's entirety. My favorite part of Southern Chicken Dumpling is the woodgrain and the Chicken Coops. I had a ball drawing up these little houses and imagining the mama chicks planting flowers in their window boxes. Hope you love this one too!



Anonymous said...

I'm not a pastel person either, but this is really cute! Way to go! --evilwoman

Erin said...

I love the pink woodgrain!

Stacy Cohen said...

I love all the new JB lines, but I think this one is my favorite! I love pastels. :)